Hi readers,

My Dry ice has landed! We are a dry ice suppliers in Preston Lancashire and we are starting this blog to give you an insight into the My Dry Ice world.

We will give you a sneak preview into our business  and what we have been up to before and after our launch. My Dry Ice launched April 2018.Founder Jodie Rigby started the company after working in  hospitality for many years. Jodie previously ran a shot service called Lip Service Drinks which helped nightclubs and bars increase their profits with dry ice shot sales. After taking the service abroad to the island of Ibiza and then moving to live in Portugal, Jodie decided to return to the UK and focus on selling dry ice in  Lancashire and the North of the UK .My Dry Ice also offers dry ice equipment and dry ice training to educate the hospitality market along with other fun products such as ice fireworks and confetti cannons. As a result My Dry Ice was launched! Whoo!

Our first project was our promotional video,we teamed up with Baluga bar and club in Preston to showcase our dry ice equipment. Tom Havlin a manager from Baluga said “The equipment creates a real buzz for customers. Our bar staff loved experimenting with the dry ice to create new and exciting drinks.”

With new bars and venues constantly opening the demand for innovation is higher than ever.Jodie saw the trend of dry ice increase but found customers had a lack of knowledge on dry ice and how to use it safely. My Dry Ice now intends to educate and train the industry with dry ice so businesses can offer their clients outstanding products and service. Hell yes!

My Dry Ice’s clients are growing across the north of the UK in restaurants, bars, hotels, and events. The Guild Hall, Glovers bar and Menagerie are some clients who use and love My Dry Ice. Georgie from Preston Guild Hall said “The service provided from My Dry Ice was excellent. Jodie and the team were great with the customers and really up sold well to help us reach our targets. I would recommend Jodie to anyone who wants to sell shots as part of their business, friendly from the first stage of booking, throughout an extremely busy event, to the end of the event. “

We aim to keep growing introducing new products and training to the market, keeing the hospitality industry full of fun and surprises. With the excitement of the launch our next project will be organising a launch party to celebrate. Continue following us for updates on our adventures and of course our launch party date.

The My Dry Ice team