The Do’s and Dont’s of dry ice

Dry ice is a trend which bars, restaurants and nightclubs love. Dry ice adds theatre and excitement to any menu giving your customers another reason to grab their phones and photograph their experience.

If you might be thinking what is dry ice and how does it work ,don’t worry  we will explain. Dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide ( Co2).It has a cold temperature of – 79 degrees. When dry ice is added to a liquid it melts (sublimes) and goes straight from a solid to a gas, creating the fog effect you can see.Due to its cold temperature, you cant touch dry ice with bare hands. You could compare the temperature of dry ice  to a hot cup of tea, when handling you must take caution.

This is where all My Dry Ice equipment comes into play. We have a range of hardware to cage the dry ice to eliminate risk. Throughout the equipment range you will see a safety valve, this has been designed to trap the ice in the cage. Using the dry ice canister to load the equipment the bartender never touches the dry ice with bare hands, and once it is loaded into the cage the customer cant touch the dry ice either. Magic.

The My Dry Ice equipment range includes : The Chillistick drinks stirrer designed to create smoking drinks and cocktails, a dry ice canister to store and load My Dry Ice equipment. A cloud pour to pour a fog essence over food and drinks, the Ice Breaker shot glass, the champagne bucket kit and finally the ice cage for large bespoke fog effects.

Whatever you want to use the dry ice for at your event or establishment, make sure you cage the dry ice with My Dry Ice equipment. Watch as your customers engage with the equipment and see, hear ,feel, smell and taste the experience.

You are only limited to your own imagination.

Have fun and get experimenting now!

The My Dry Ice team