What are dry ice pellets ?

You may have visited a restaurant or bar and seen a smoking drink or dish and wondered how exactly it was created ? Dry ice is frozen Carbon Dioxide or Co2.Dry ice pellets are created from compressing Co2 gas into a solid form. I hear a lot of people in bars and restaurants mistaking dry ice for other substances, sometimes even made up concoctions they have created in their heads. Dry ice is not liquid nitrogen, its not nitric oxide nor is it nitrogen. Dry ice is frozen Co2, similar to the Co2 found in a can of Coca Cola to make it fizz.

We supply food grade dry ice pellets created for food and drinks purposes. Dry ice pellets can be easily caged making them perfect to fit into My Dry Ice equipment. Cocktails, shots, bottles, deserts, you name it, you can make it smoke. You are only limited to your imagination so get creative!

When you see the reaction of the dry ice in a liquid, a thick white fog is created, this fog is the solid dry ice subliming (melting) and turning back into a gas. Don’t be afraid, such small quantities of Co2 are not harmful . Join in on the fun and enjoy your drinking experience as the dry ice arouses your 5 senses.

See, hear, feel, taste, touch and selfie.

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The My Dry Ice team