Catch me at Cannes

There she is!

My name is Nicolé Timmerman but I like to go as Nikki and I have joined the team.

I was born in the United Kingdom but raised in the US. So yes, my accent is horrible. I am in my final year at Preston’s College studying Media and I will continue my studies at University of Salford to enhance my skills in Film Production, to become a Film Director and Freelance Scriptwriter. Not long after you will see my world famous production headlining Cannes, autographs later please, Merci!

As of late, I was given the delightful chance to work with the My Dry Ice company , learn about the business , and hear how the owner, Jodie Rigby , decided what she wanted to do with her exceptional skills. Starting as a brand new small business is hard , but with the right path and teammates, it should not be long until its flourishing.

Today, Jodie and I have come together to piece together a wonderful event that would benefit not just this small business , but local businesses in Preston as well. This event is to celebrate the launch of My Dry Ice whilst showcasing local art pieces produced by talented Preston based artists. At this occasion, cocktails will be served with the latest My Dry Ice products and you will be able to have a glorious night, bringing together Preston’s talent.

Now I wouldn’t want to give anything away but make sure you follow our social media accounts so you can be in the know.

For now, Au revoir!