On Sunday 20th January 2019  Jodie headed to London to visit the London Art Fair, find out what she uncoverd on her trip.

Jodie stayed in an Air Bnb on Kings road in Chelsea and her host recommended the Saatchi gallery on route to the art fair.The Saatchi held an event called Black Mirror, an exhibition exposing anxieties and our modern-day obsessions in today’s society, created by 26 contemporary artists. Steve Bishop showed a taxidermy goat with its head inserted into a concrete bottle inspired by a Christian Dior J’Adore perfume bottle.

For £21 entrance fee the London art fair welcomed us into their doors and with 4 hours until it closed she wishes she had planned more time, as this exhibition was ginormous . Popular art trends throughout the fair were taxidermy, balloon sculptures and repetition of object’s. We took a particular liking to a balloon sculpted dog taking a number two. This sculptor was humorous ,entertaining and creative. The elegant collection of taxidermy exotic birds included a flamingo, peacock, and  parrot which grabbed  our attention.

Whilst on the trip Jodie visited Oxford Street, she was attracted to the large art installations within Selfridges window. The store had incorporated an open studio space in the corner of the window for everyone to see. Studio Morrison had taken over and created art pieces live for the public to view.

As Jodie was going to leave the studio, Ivan, one of the creators, gave her a very professional yet hilarious card, She responded to Ivan saying that this card will not be thrown away. What do you think is on the cover  of the card?

Jodie  then wandered around the rest of the Selfridges when she noticed a large mass of people queuing within Louis Vuitton, to view what can only be described as a giant rainbow  human statue created by Virgil Abloh. He  is currently the artistic director at Louis Vuitton, a worldwide Dj and the CEO of OFF-White a fashion house he founded in 2013.WOW what a man !

As Jodie  headed upstairs to grab a coffee  in the Basserie Of Light. She sat under a giant crystal encrusted Pegasus which marvellously soared overhead as she drank her afternoon expresso. The beautiful sight was stretching 30ft wide created by Damien Hirst, and she had a great pleasure viewing it.

Throughout the trip to London Jodie  noticed the increase in art being used within the hospitality industry and the retail sector, this trend for visual arts throughout society is increasing and showed me that art is truly everywhere we go.

Let me know what you think if the exhibitions Please give us a share.

Written by Connor Malia

At My Dry Ice, we aim to offer an experience. Dry ice is a sensory product, where you can see, hear, smell, taste and touch the drink. We wanted to create a sensory experience for our guests offering music, drinks, art, and visuals to delight our guests.

14/06/18 was the date of our launch party which we held at the beautiful Harris museum in Preston. The venue oozed photo opportunities and I wanted to add an arty flair to the event. We collaborated with local artists to display their artwork around the museum. We worked with Incarnate clothing to display their fashion brand of edgy leather jackets and t-shirts along with photographers and painters.

The event’s bar was stocked with gin and prosecco, accompanied with My Dry Ice equipment to add the smokey flair. Guests enjoyed Cuckoo’s gin flavors, a spiced gin mixed with orange, pepper, and tonic along with the new fruity Sunshine strawberry gin with raspberries herbs and tonic.
Cuckoo gin is made at The Brindle Distillery, the gin flavors where a huge hit at the event and we loved working with Mark and the team to create our dry ice gin menu.

Freshkimo films came down to capture the event on film, Annie MacSorley director said: “The mix of art, drinks, saxophone, and venue made the perfect ambiance for a successful launch event, we loved being involved to create this video and showcase the sexy smokey drinks”.
Daniel Fisher from Tienda Digital said, ” It was my first experience trying a dry ice drink and it didn’t disappoint”.

This was our first time hosting and organizing our own event and we really enjoyed the challenge. We look forward to creating more exciting events in the future! Where next is the question?

you attended the event, let us know what you thought in the comments.

Stay tuned for exciting updates.

My Dry Ice Team

What’s a little sunshine without some gin?

In today’s video, we visited Cuckoo Gin Distillery in Lancashire where they showed us their three gin recipes that look absolutely amazing. In their bar, we got to see the behind the scenes of the distillery. From huge ,brass machines to even the logo press, the whole place was amazing and we highly recommend a visit if your a lover of this spirit.

The smells of the the brand new pink Sunshine Gin, the spicy and delicious taste of the Spiced Gin and , of course, the original Cuckoo Gin made us so excited and very grateful that they are a co-sponsor for the upcoming event our launch party this coming Thursday at the harris Museum!Come down and join us where you can try and taste the delicious Gins with complimentary Cuckoo gins and prosecco on arrival. Tickets are still available for the event:


What will be your favourite flavour?

We urge you to visit the website :http://www.brindledistillery.co.uk

Even pop down to the distillery to buy a bottle or two: Brindle Distillery,Sandy Lane, Holmes Farm, Brindle, Lancashire PR6 8LZ
T 01772 323313 info@brindledistillery.co.uk

Let us know your flavour!

Keep is fresh,
My Dry Ice Team

On Thursday April 26, Ocean Treasure Manchester invited us to sponsor their opening red carpet event. This V.I.P party was filled with excitement and the manchester elite. It also felt very friendly and a natural way to connect and network with other businesses and like minded people.

After the red carpet entrance, guests were greeted with a delicious glass of prosecco or a smoking My Dry Ice gin and tonic. Sushi and small tapas style dishes were given out around the room. A rich and soulful saxophone was provided by the wonderfully talented Calum Bayliss from Six15 with a collaboration from the Dj Dean Fagan giving the event a moody and charming atmosphere.

During this event, we were able to make numerous contacts and dazzle the massive crowd with our dry ice drinks ,using the Chillsitick and My Dry Ice. Once guests had grabbed their drink and photo opportunity they headed into the main restaurant and bar area. The restaurant’s décor was amazing, we can’t wait to eat again in this lavish venue. The restaurant offers large  V.IP style booths to add extra privacy to your table as you wine and dine.

When we had served all the welcome drinks, it was time to enjoy the night. We were able to mix and mingle with the crowd and made new friendships and even more connections to collaborate with in the future! We would love to thank Lyn  from the Edge Events http://www.theedge-events.com/ for inviting us to work with herself and The Ocean Treasure team. It was such a wonderful night and we hope for success for the business, if you would like to visit the restaurant get in touch via the link https://www.23peterstreet.co.uk/ocean-treasure/ .

Until next time, drink it up!

The My Dry Ice team

As of late, creating new ways to enjoy a night with friends and family have become rather predictable and boring. The Chillistick dry ice equipment has been designed to spice up your night, whether you are staying in or going on a night out. Chillistick is the leading supplier in the UK that handles dry ice. You can view their website here: https://www.chillistick.com/ This five star rated company provides food grade dry ice pellets that are safe for food and drinks and even classrooms alike. The innovators behind Chillistick have created patented dry ice equipment to make cool smoking drinks. The name Chillistick originated from one of their products called, you guessed it, the Chillistick. The stick itself looks like a cocktail stirrer in a similar shape to a chilli. When the Chillistick is placed into a drink of your choice, it will start to bubble and smoke, creating a fun, entertaining atmosphere.
Other products that this company sells are: The Cloud Pour seen In the video to pour essence over food and drink. The ice breaker shot glasses that has a cage in for the dry ice pellets to sit at the bottom of the glass, a witch’s pail that makes any halloween party ultimately cooler, ice buckets and pitchers , and lastly an ice cage to create large fog effects. This amazing company have paired up with us at My Dry Ice. We act as the North dry ice partner supplying the hospitality industry with dry ice, equipment and training. We thrive of being experts with dry ice within food and drinks and are always looking for new and innovative ways to use the equipment.
In today’s video filmed at Baluga bar in Preston, we will be using The Cloud Pour to pour a essence of fog over a Calyx cocktail.Next you will see the Chillistick stirred into a delicious Opirh G and T. Add just a few pellets into the end of the Chillistick, place it in your drink and stir until your desired effect. Stir the stick to create a reaction and enjoy your cool smoking drink.




There she is!

My name is Nicolé Timmerman but I like to go as Nikki and I have joined the team.

I was born in the United Kingdom but raised in the US. So yes, my accent is horrible. I am in my final year at Preston’s College studying Media and I will continue my studies at University of Salford to enhance my skills in Film Production, to become a Film Director and Freelance Scriptwriter. Not long after you will see my world famous production headlining Cannes, autographs later please, Merci!

As of late, I was given the delightful chance to work with the My Dry Ice company , learn about the business , and hear how the owner, Jodie Rigby , decided what she wanted to do with her exceptional skills. Starting as a brand new small business is hard , but with the right path and teammates, it should not be long until its flourishing.

Today, Jodie and I have come together to piece together a wonderful event that would benefit not just this small business , but local businesses in Preston as well. This event is to celebrate the launch of My Dry Ice whilst showcasing local art pieces produced by talented Preston based artists. At this occasion, cocktails will be served with the latest My Dry Ice products and you will be able to have a glorious night, bringing together Preston’s talent.

Now I wouldn’t want to give anything away but make sure you follow our social media accounts so you can be in the know.

For now, Au revoir!

Dry ice is a trend which bars, restaurants and nightclubs love. Dry ice adds theatre and excitement to any menu giving your customers another reason to grab their phones and photograph their experience.

If you might be thinking what is dry ice and how does it work ,don’t worry  we will explain. Dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide ( Co2).It has a cold temperature of – 79 degrees. When dry ice is added to a liquid it melts (sublimes) and goes straight from a solid to a gas, creating the fog effect you can see.Due to its cold temperature, you cant touch dry ice with bare hands. You could compare the temperature of dry ice  to a hot cup of tea, when handling you must take caution.

This is where all My Dry Ice equipment comes into play. We have a range of hardware to cage the dry ice to eliminate risk. Throughout the equipment range you will see a safety valve, this has been designed to trap the ice in the cage. Using the dry ice canister to load the equipment the bartender never touches the dry ice with bare hands, and once it is loaded into the cage the customer cant touch the dry ice either. Magic.

The My Dry Ice equipment range includes : The Chillistick drinks stirrer designed to create smoking drinks and cocktails, a dry ice canister to store and load My Dry Ice equipment. A cloud pour to pour a fog essence over food and drinks, the Ice Breaker shot glass, the champagne bucket kit and finally the ice cage for large bespoke fog effects.

Whatever you want to use the dry ice for at your event or establishment, make sure you cage the dry ice with My Dry Ice equipment. Watch as your customers engage with the equipment and see, hear ,feel, smell and taste the experience.

You are only limited to your own imagination.

Have fun and get experimenting now!

The My Dry Ice team