As of late, creating new ways to enjoy a night with friends and family have become rather predictable and boring. The Chillistick dry ice equipment has been designed to spice up your night, whether you are staying in or going on a night out. Chillistick is the leading supplier in the UK that handles dry ice. You can view their website here: This five star rated company provides food grade dry ice pellets that are safe for food and drinks and even classrooms alike. The innovators behind Chillistick have created patented dry ice equipment to make cool smoking drinks. The name Chillistick originated from one of their products called, you guessed it, the Chillistick. The stick itself looks like a cocktail stirrer in a similar shape to a chilli. When the Chillistick is placed into a drink of your choice, it will start to bubble and smoke, creating a fun, entertaining atmosphere.
Other products that this company sells are: The Cloud Pour seen In the video to pour essence over food and drink. The ice breaker shot glasses that has a cage in for the dry ice pellets to sit at the bottom of the glass, a witch’s pail that makes any halloween party ultimately cooler, ice buckets and pitchers , and lastly an ice cage to create large fog effects. This amazing company have paired up with us at My Dry Ice. We act as the North dry ice partner supplying the hospitality industry with dry ice, equipment and training. We thrive of being experts with dry ice within food and drinks and are always looking for new and innovative ways to use the equipment.
In today’s video filmed at Baluga bar in Preston, we will be using The Cloud Pour to pour a essence of fog over a Calyx cocktail.Next you will see the Chillistick stirred into a delicious Opirh G and T. Add just a few pellets into the end of the Chillistick, place it in your drink and stir until your desired effect. Stir the stick to create a reaction and enjoy your cool smoking drink.