Ocean Treasure Manchester

On Thursday April 26, Ocean Treasure Manchester invited us to sponsor their opening red carpet event. This V.I.P party was filled with excitement and the manchester elite. It also felt very friendly and a natural way to connect and network with other businesses and like minded people.

After the red carpet entrance, guests were greeted with a delicious glass of prosecco or a smoking My Dry Ice gin and tonic. Sushi and small tapas style dishes were given out around the room. A rich and soulful saxophone was provided by the wonderfully talented Calum Bayliss from Six15 with a collaboration from the Dj Dean Fagan giving the event a moody and charming atmosphere.

During this event, we were able to make numerous contacts and dazzle the massive crowd with our dry ice drinks ,using the Chillsitick and My Dry Ice. Once guests had grabbed their drink and photo opportunity they headed into the main restaurant and bar area. The restaurant’s décor was amazing, we can’t wait to eat again in this lavish venue. The restaurant offers large  V.IP style booths to add extra privacy to your table as you wine and dine.

When we had served all the welcome drinks, it was time to enjoy the night. We were able to mix and mingle with the crowd and made new friendships and even more connections to collaborate with in the future! We would love to thank Lyn  from the Edge Events http://www.theedge-events.com/ for inviting us to work with herself and The Ocean Treasure team. It was such a wonderful night and we hope for success for the business, if you would like to visit the restaurant get in touch via the link https://www.23peterstreet.co.uk/ocean-treasure/ .

Until next time, drink it up!

The My Dry Ice team

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